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Welcome to Namaste Sindhupalchowk

You  can read and know  about Sindhupalchowk and the beauty of Nepal. Namaste Sindhupalchowk is  a blog, sharing about Sindhupalchok and the beauty of Nepal.Namaste sindhupalchowk is for anyone who want to  know about  Sindhupalchok and the beautiful country thorough web technology  and know features and unknown ones of Sindhupalchowk and the Nepal like bungy Nepal, Rafting , Tatopani ,Helambu , Pancha Pokhari , sano illam, beautiful hills and mountains, mountain climbing in Nepal, cultural heritage of Nepal, temple and stupas, river and many more gift of natural.

My first blog i love blogging and want to share something about  my birth palce Sindhupalchowk and the Nepal through internet.  I think Web Techonology is one of the media which help to develop Sindhupalchowk and the beautiful country like Nepal.