Earthquake Victims of Sindhupalchowk

Sindhupalchowk is one of the worst-affected districts as because of the the earthquake that took plac. While the initial epicenter of the earthquake was in Gorkha district, the highest magnitude (6.7) aftershock took place in Sindupalchowk district 17km south of Kadari . 3057 people were dead and 860 are injured. 3000 people remain unaccounted for. Many VDCs have still not been reached due to remoteness and accessibility both phrases of of roads and phone system.


The earthquake killed almost 10,000 people. Thousands of people lost their livelihood , their homes and everything they had. Millions of children do not have Schools anymore. In the following winter, another 10,000 people died from the associated with supplies such as medicine, Food, water, oil or gas.

Due to the illiteracy people lost their livelihood and homes, no knowledge  on safety of Earthquake, being belief in their old traditional the world. The most important things would give good education to the young. Due to the earthquake Practically all of the School in Sindhupalchowk were destroy and the education level is worst day by day, so we are arranging to help   every school and it is not just of Sindhupalchowk


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