Kuwapani a village yet to be Reknown Bhaise

Kuwapani is the village of small tole

Kuwapani is the village of small tole which is situated in Kadambas Village Development Committee in 7th of its ward. Obviously in Sindhupalchowk district. Talking more about Kuwapani it can be certain number of people libing out there in the place. You can access the tole climbing 10-15 minute of uphill from the point of Bhaise Bazaar, i.e just from the Arniko Highway. You can go on Vehicles too, but the road is still to be block topped and till te date it’s just paved with the stone.You can use the bus also , two of the buses are kept in the queue that meets the melchaur near the headquater Chautara.


The village is settled with very few numbers of houses .It’s just managed with very 7 houses. The people in the village are more or less so in number including child and aged people too.People are grouped in two castes in the village. Majhi community and Newar community cover the tole.As the village plants the field, people out there engaged in the Agriculture cultivation that they do are mainly to used upon their own subsistence.More few of the crops are taken to bazaar to be sold.Not exactly the crops only but the seasonal fruits that they bear are also taken to the market like potatoes , tomatoes ,mangoes, grapefruits, bhogote etc.The crops that they sow in their fields are seasonal one. And the crops include Rice,Maize ,Millete,Cucumber as their compulsory crops.