Mountain climbing in Nepal

Nepal is full of Nautural Resources and surrended by Mountains and hills


Nepal is rich in mountains and popular for mountainers,beacuse Nepal has 1310 mounatains and which are 8848m above the sea level.The Higest Peak in the world The Mt.Everest is also located in Neapl, so World known Nepal as land of the Everest and the Everest Country.Here in Nepal Many more small and big mountians and hills for climbing     in Nepal.Being these Nepal is best country and wel konwn for Peak climbing.Every year  thousand of  tourist or visitors come to Nepal for climbing the mountains and hills.Not because of having many mountains and hills tourist came to Nepal, its God Gifted place so different  from others country mountains and while climbing the peak has different kind of enjoyable and fun with the climate and the enviornmet which is found  in mountain area and has adventures and rocking too.p
Welcome to Nepal Peak climbing, make you adventure and be friendly  with the environment which give you relief and blessed.

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