Nepali Musical Instruments

The famous Nepali Musical Instruments

Music is the vocal or instrumental sounds  combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form,harmony, and expression of emotion.   Nepalese musical instrument      has a very strong relationship with Nepalese culture and religion.Still  in Nepal the Nepali Musical Instrument is  in use to save the  culture and and its  identity.There are various types of musical instruments used traditionally for religious ceremonies, celebrations, offerings and more.These has a greater social values in nepalese communities like Pahche Baja, Nau Baja and more. Some of the few names as madal, tabala, murchunga, sahani, dhyangro, harmonium, sarangi, basuri,nepali bamboo flute, kanling, damaha, nagada, taa, damaru, jhyali, jhyamta, sankha, dholak, ddha, kaling ,sahanai, dhime baja, nyakhin,khin etc . There are hundreds of musical instruments developed in epal,among them 108 musical instrument is still play in the nation.

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