Sano Illam Bhotechaur

Sano illam of Bhotechour

Sano Illam is  in Bhotechaur  Sindhupalchowk district, which is place for those who want to experience the tea garden like tea garden of Illam. which is called “SANO ILLAM”. Sano Illam is  popular these days .

Because of the sano illam the face of the bhotechaur has been changed. People living in crowed and busy city like kathmandu looks to the sano illam for the
refreshment, picnic and baan bhoj , enjoyed a lot with the Natural beauty of
Tea Garden and back with a loads of memories. Those who have willing to visit or know much

about the tea farm “SANO ILLAM ” is the best place which is near from the Kathmandu city.

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