Sindhupalchowk District Chautara Nepal

Sindhupalchowk is one of the district of Nepal with the beautiful natural resources and rich in cultural heritage.

It lies in the central development region with an area of 2,542 km2 (981 sq mi). Chautara is the district headquater of Sindhupalchowk. Sindhupalchowk is in mountain area and is surrounded by many hills and mountains. That’s the reason the district is rich in natural resources.But listed in least developed district of Nepal even though it is closer to the capital city Kathmandu.

The Arniko Highway, also called Kodari Highway, (114 km) extending from Kathmandu to Kodari links this district with Tibet. The district is mountainous and rich in natural resources.This distirict is not well developed even capital city Kathmandu is nearby.The agriculture is the main occupation and they fully depend on it for survival.Sindhupalchowk is covered with hills and mountains so less fertile land and production is very low. People still believes in witch doctor and living in old traditional cultural. The living standard of the people is  are still poor. Many NGO’s and INGO’s where there for the improving the living standard of the people.

The good part of Sindhupalchowk is rich in natural resources.Beautiful hills, mountains, rivers, forest, temples can be seen while travelling or visiting our sindhupalchowk.Rivers like Bhotekoshi, Indrawati, Sunkoshi and Bramhayani (Balephi) flow through this district.Bhote Koshi river is one of the beautiful steep mountain river and it is good for rafting trip.Many domest and international tourist where came here for  rafting, they found that this is one of the advatures place for  rafting.
Bungy jump Nepal, is also one of the longest free falls structure in the world lies in Sindhupalchok where the widest Nepali river wild Bhote Koshi is below.It is about 160 meter high  from the Bhotekoshi river.

Chautara is the headquater of sindhupalchowk district of  Nepal. The major towns are BarhabiseMelamchiJalbire ,Khadichaur, Helambu, Sukute Chere,Jalbire and  Tatopani.There is good facilities of fooding and loding for the visiting in every towns.In few places ATM facilities is available. Good cyber communicatioin where built in some of the major towns. Sunkoshi Hydropower station and Upper Bhotekoshi Hydropower station are popular hydropower, stations connected to national grid. Many mini and large hydroelectricity projects are being constructed in different places.


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