Star Rafting Resort, Sukute is a captivating destination nestled in the breathtaking region of Bhotekoshi, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal. Located on the banks of the Bhote Koshi River, this resort offers an exhilarating experience for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Moreover, with its stunning natural surroundings and a wide range of thrilling activities, it has become a popular choice for tourists seeking an adrenaline-filled getaway. It is the best resort belonging to Araniko highway ( road to Tatopani).

Overview of Resort

Sukute is a small village situated in the Sindhupalchowk district, which is known for its stunning landscapes and outdoor adventures. The Star Rafting Resort takes full advantage of its picturesque location. As a result, it offers guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in the raw beauty of Nepal's countryside. Additionally, the resort is easily accessible from Kathmandu, making it a convenient destination for both domestic and international travelers.

The resort's accommodations are designed to provide comfort while blending harmoniously with the surrounding environment. Guests can choose from a variety of options, including spacious cottages, luxurious tents, and cozy rooms with panoramic views. Furthermore, the resort's architecture and decor reflect the local culture. They showcase traditional Nepali craftsmanship while incorporating modern amenities for a comfortable stay.

Rafting in Bhotekoshi

The main attraction of Star Rafting Resort is undoubtedly the thrilling whitewater rafting experience on the Bhote Koshi River. This river is renowned for its challenging rapids and is considered one of the best rafting spots in Nepal. Adventure enthusiasts can embark on adrenaline-pumping rafting trips led by experienced guides. These guides ensure safety while navigating through the swirling waters. Additionally, the resort offers different rafting packages suitable for beginners as well as experienced rafters. This way, they can cater to everyone's preferences and skill levels.

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Apart from rafting, the resort also offers a range of other adventure activities. For instance, guests can try their hand at canyoning, where they descend down waterfalls using ropes and harnesses. This activity provides an exhilarating and unique experience. Moreover, hiking and trekking enthusiasts can explore the nearby hills and forests. By doing so, they can immerse themselves in the tranquillity of nature.

Our Services

Star Rafting Resort has a variety of facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. There is a swimming pool where guests can take a refreshing dip, a spa offering rejuvenating treatments, and a restaurant serving delicious Nepali and international cuisine. In the evenings, guests can gather around a bonfire, sharing stories and enjoying cultural performances that showcase the rich heritage of Nepal.

The staff at Star Rafting Resort is known for their warm hospitality and exceptional service, ensuring that guests have a memorable and enjoyable stay. They are knowledgeable about the surrounding area and can provide recommendations for additional activities and sightseeing opportunities nearby.

  • Standard Stay
  • Swimming Pool
  • Professional Guide
  • Space Available
  • Hygienic & Delicious Food
  • Indoor & outdoor Activities
  • Unique Hospitality

Our Packages

Overnight + Rafting
Day Rafting

Contact Addresss

Location: Sukute Beach, Sindhupalchowk (Araniko Highway)

Phone: +977 986-3769800/01-4514127


Map : MPVW+JG3, साँगाचोक 45314

Contact Office: Thamel, Kathmandu