The blood bank is an important health service that every person needs. Various governmental and non-governmental organizations provide blood bank services in Nepal. Mainly, different social and non-profit organization conducts blood donation programmes in multiple places. These activities help to collect the needed blood.

Nepal Red Cross Society, Lions Club, and Scout Nepal are the major social clubs that conduct the blood donation program regularly. Kathmandu is a city with a population in Nepal. The number of hospitals here is also high. And the number of patients is also high. Therefore, for normal to serious patients, the blood of different groups is required every day in Kathmandu.

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Many social organizations collect, test, and store blood for transfusions. It also conducts outreach programs to raise awareness about blood donation and the importance of voluntary contributions. Central Blood Transfusion Service (CBTS) is a government-owned blood bank. Under the Ministry of Health and Population, CBTS collects, tests, and distributes blood to hospitals and medical facilities across Kathmandu and beyond.

List of Blood Banks in Kathmandu, Nepal: Contact Details

Here are the list & contact number of Blood Bank in Kathmandu, Nepal.

S.N.Blood Bank NameAddressPhone Number
1.Teaching Hospital Maharajgunj01-4512303/ 01-4510911
2.Bal Maitri Hospital Maharajgunj01-4511134/ 01-4515461
3.Nepal Police HospitalMaharajgunj01-4412430
4.Metro Hospital Maharajgunj01-4720452/ 9823027023
5.Gangalal Hospital Bansbari01-4371322
6.Maternity and Women's HospitalThapathali01-4260405
7.Bir Hospital Newroad01-4221119/ 01-4221988
8.Civil Service HospitalMin Bhawan01-410700
9.Nepal Medical CollegeJorpati01-4911008
10.Kathmandu Medical College Teaching HospitalSinamangal01-446904
11.Grandi HospitalDhapasi01-5159266/ 01-5159267
12.Himal HospitalGyaneswor9862737316
13.Front Line Hospital Baneshwor01-5970132
14.Pulchowk Blood BankPulchok01-5527033
15.Nepal Mediciti HospitalNakhkhu01-4217766
16.Patan HospitalPatan 01-5522295
17.Bhaktapur Blood BankBhaktapur01-6622001/ 01-6612266
18.Novel HospitalSinamangal01-4110842
19.Central Nepal Redcross SocietySolti Mod01-4288485/ 01-4288486
20.Lalitpur Redcross Society Pulchok 01-5427033
21.Troma Center Blood BankMahabauda01-4239161
22.Birendra Army Hospital Blood BankChhauni01-4271941
23.Dhulikhel HospitalDhulikhel011-490497
24.Star HospitalSanepa01-5450197/ 01-5440478